Dax Gibson Memorial Scholarship in Gender Studies & Anthropology

This scholarship has been established by family to honour the memory of Dax Gibson (1991 - 2012). 

Dax was born Lara Gibson in the northern-eastern British Columbia community of Fort St. John.  Dax was blessed with amazing gifts of intelligence, humour, kindness and integrity.  Throughout the difficult years of learning and accepting what it meant to be gay, and eventually transgender, he demonstrated courage, grace and compassion for friends and family who shared this journey. 

Dax had completed three years of an undergraduate program at the University of Victoria, achieving exceptional academic standing, in pursuing dual interests in Gender Studies and Anthropology.  Dax passed away unexpectedly of Sudden (Cardiac) Arrhythmia Death Syndrome at the very young age of 21.   The University of Victoria posthumously awarded the degree of Bachelors of Arts with Distinction. 

This scholarship has been created to be a legacy that Dax would find fitting: to recognize ability and nurture growth and understanding.

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