First Open Heart Society of B.C. Scholarship

The First Open Heart Society of British Columbia was formed in 1973 on the initiative of cardiologists and early heart surgery patients. Conceived by Dr. W. Glenn Freisen, a former Victoria cardiologist, who suggested that both pre-op and post-op stress and trauma could be eased if those patients who were about to undergo surgery could talk to those who had “walked the path”. 

Currently, FOHS continues to support open heart and cardiovascular patients and their families from all of Vancouver Island. Victoria Heart House B&B, owned and operated by FOHS, is available to individuals and their families needing accommodation during the time that a loved one is undergoing a cardiovascular procedure in Victoria. For many years, the Society has purchased medical equipment for Victoria hospitals, and has supported the professional development of the area’s hospital staff. 

This award has been created to financially assist a member of the next generation of health professionals who will working to improve the lives of cardiovascular patients of the Vancouver Island community. 

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