Lucie Daigle Memorial Scholarship in Linguistics

While Lucie Daigle was in the final stages of ovarian cancer, she and her husband John Greene decided to "pay forward" the financial aid she had received while an M.A. student in the Linguistics Department at UVic.   They wished to do this by establishing a scholarship in her name for future graduate students in Linguistics.

Lucie Daigle was raised in a Quebec farming community.  She was inspired by her older sister who learned languages and explored the world.  Lucie loved learning languages too and saw such learning as the way to open out to the world.

At the age of 17 Lucie took a job as an au pair in Ottawa in order to learn English.  Here she discovered a passion to learn more about the language and about English Canada.  While studying toward a teaching degree at Universite Laval, Lucie met Lynne Bain from Victoria BC.  This meeting led to an exchange term at the University of Victoria and a lifelong friendship.  After completing her B.Ed, Lucie returned to UVic as a Master’s student in Linguistics.

After graduation, Lucie took on the role of Director of French Studies in Continuing Studies at UVic. However, Lucie was a born teacher.   She eagerly accepted an opportunity to teach in the French Department establishing herself as a particularly fine lecturer.  Lucie was tremendously admired by both students and faculty.

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