Jeremy Robert Davison Scholarship

Jeremy Robert Davison was born in Victoria, BC on December 31, 1947. An only child, he was predeceased by his father Robert, who was born in Northumberland, England, and his mother Jean (née Torrance), a native of Victoria. He was an alumnus of the University of Victoria, as well as McMaster University. After graduation, he became an archivist at the BC Provincial Archives and the Royal British Columbia Museum. He retired in 2014, after 45 years of service. He was an accomplished anecdotist of the witticisms of literary and historical figures and much-esteemed among friends as a raconteur. Being the last of his known family line, he avidly formed surrogate families. His mentorship of younger colleagues at the museum was notable, and his generosity was unequivocal and unequalled. He passed away in Victoria in 2018. The Jeremy Robert Davison Memorial Scholarship was established to perpetuate his legacy and to honour his support for educational and intellectual pursuits.

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