Harper Grey LLP and Life in Law Diversity Award

Harper Grey LLP has been in business since 1907 and is one of the oldest and most established law firms in British Columbia. They have an exceptional reputation and are committed to delivering the highest quality legal work and counsel — with many of their more than 80 lawyers recognized among the top practitioners in their areas of expertise. They work with businesses, institutions and individuals on a variety of civil litigation and business matters, and are known for the niche practices they have grown to
offer their clients a broad range of legal services.

Life in Law ("LiL"), powered by Harper Grey LLP, is a resource for all women lawyers in Canada seeking help to balance life with a legal career. LiL hopes to reduce the exodus of women from the legal profession, by providing them with opportunities to raise issues they face in a confidential environment. Their services are casual and flexible and are provided primarily through phone or online chat support and our Dear Lil blog. You can learn more at www.lifeinlaw.ca.

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