Don and Drina Corker Bursary

Don Corker
Don was born in Victoria and educated in Alert Bay and England.  He was working in Nanaimo when the First World War was declared.  He joined up immediately, was sent overseas and was captured in the battle when poison gas was first used.  He spent three years as a prisoner of war and escaped into Holland on his seventh attempt.   He returned to Canada and survived a bout with the 1918 flu.

Don then tried farming in Vanderhoof with no luck, and when he heard that if there were eight children needing schooling the Government must provide a teacher, he applied and the Inspector granted him a temporary certificate.  He was told if he needed help to get in touch with the teacher in Fort Fraser, 20 miles away.  He even put on a Christmas concert because in those days if a teacher didn’t have a Christmas concert, they might as well resign.

Drina Corker

Drina was born and educated in Revelstoke.  She received her teacher training at the Vancouver Normal School, graduating in spite of the school being closed for several months due to the 1918 flu epidemic.  She started her teaching career in Fort Fraser where she taught until her marriage to Don Corker in 1924.  “Continue your education throughout your life”, was her legacy.

Don and Drina are survived by three children and seventeen grandchildren, all of whom finished high school and most of whom went on to university.

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