Canadian Society of Senior Engineers - Engineering Institute of Canada (CSSE-EIC) Vancouver Island Award

The CSSE is a Member Society of the EIC ( The CSSE/EIC Vancouver Island Branch includes the EIC (Vancouver Island Branch) Scholarship Society funded by CSSE/EIC members, by members of other Member Societies of EIC and by third parties. Termination of the EIC (Vancouver Island Branch) Scholarship Society is planned for 2016 and the CSSE/EIC (Vancouver Island Branch) will then become the donor.

The branch has a lengthy, active history. Its EIC (Vancouver Island Branch) Scholarship Society was formed in 1986, with the intent of encouraging and financially supporting Vancouver Island students pursuing studies leading to a career in engineering. At that time, it was decided that the society would focus on supporting undergraduates since it was recognized that there was, and still is, a dearth of scholarships available to students at that level. The intent was to help financially-challenged students who otherwise exhibited excellent grades and personal characteristics that would make successful engineers.

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