Software Engineering

Designing, engineering, and building the software systems that modern societies rely on.

More than just writing code: software engineers build usable, reliable, maintainable, secure, scalable and efficient systems that people use and trust everyday.

Our program focuses on developing strong team/collaboration skills and real-world experience.

Pretio Interactive, a Victoria tech startup created through UVic's Entrepreneurial Engineering Masters Program.

 UVic BSEng and CompSci students redesigning a website using HCI techniques in SENG 310.

Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey and BSEng student Ben Hawker at the 2016 JCURA Research Fair.

Software Engineering at UVic

Software engineering isn't just about writing code: it's about applying engineering principles to software systems and building operational solutions that can be relied on day in and day out.

The University of Victoria’s accredited Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSEng) Program prepares you for a successful software engineering career that spans industries. It combines theory and deep technical knowledge with critical team and soft skills, all of which is reinforced through co-op work terms. Our program emphasizes three core themes:

  1. The design of software systems and systems of systems for larger scale, embedded, and/or real-time contexts.
  2. The design of software systems for reduced maintenance and evolution costs.
  3. The analysis and testing of software systems for correctness, performance, usability, safety, and security.
Software Engineering is an interdisciplinary program taught by faculty in the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSEng) degree and can then work towards becoming a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.).