Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wenyan Yu, PhD student, with test lab setup

Optical Spring Detects Single Molecules

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Nick Birch, Tyler Rhodes, and the TreeRover robot

TreeRover robot

Electrical engineering co-op students Nick Birch and Tyler Rhodes build tree-planting robot to help fight deforestation.

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Reuven Gordon

Cancer detectives

UVic researchers are developing a simple and inexpensive way to detect lung cancer.

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engineering a culture shift on campus

Engineering a culture shift on campus

Tiffany Yu conducts equipment testing while on a co-op work term with Teck Highland Valley Copper.

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Engineering grad casts new light on nanoscale interactions

Engineering grad casts new light on nanoscale interactions

Ana Zehtabi-Oskuie working in UVic’s Nanoplasmonics and Optronics Lab studying optical trapping. Credit: UVic Photo Services

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First year design project presentations

First year design project

Design projects such as the robot shown here are part of the undergraduate program, starting in the first year.

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**Important Note: Courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering are being renamed/renumbered effective May 2018. Please check our course changes page to see the new course numbers.**

An engineer is a person who applies their knowledge of science to design and create things that are safe, reliable and practical.

Detect tumours, record music, communicate wirelessly - if electricity is involved, electrical engineers are doing it.

Computer engineers design the computer systems at the heart of modern machines, like cell phones, airbags, robots and more.

Computer engineering

  • Grew out of electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Focuses on computer systems, especially the hardware components.
  • Also explores interface between different pieces of hardware.
  • Requires a strong background in software design, especially in how software and hardware interact.
  • Vital to the design and creation of state-of-the-art products.

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Electrical engineering

  • Concentrates work on electrical devices and systems.
  • Has has grown to match the wide range of applications of electricity in our modern world.
  • As almost every modern field is involved in electricity – its use, transmission, storage or generation.
  • Very broad discipline with many possibilities for specializations.
  • Employment opportunities for electrical engineers are extensive.

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