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Head space

November 15, 2018 - News

UVic researcher Olav Krigolson is helping NASA study the mental stress of a long space mission to Mars. He'll use portable electroencephalography (EEG) systems in the form of MUSE headbands and PEER research software to monitor the brain activity of crew members.

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Alumni spotlight: Damon DePaoli

Damon is a UVic engineering graduate (class of 2014) with a degree in Electrical Engineering with a “Biomedical Option” With a great interest in BME, he enrolled in many of the first BME courses offered at UVic, before the accreditation of the BME program (in 2016). He is now a PhD candidate in Biophotonics, at the CERVO Brain Research Center in Quebec City. Damon’s PhD thesis is on creating neurosurgical guidance tools under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Côté at Université Laval.