Specialist position details


ECE 572 - Security, Privacy and Data Analytics - Marker1

Hourly Rate: $27.652

Term of appointment from: May 3, 2023 to July 28, 2023

Total hours: 30-38*

Average weekly hours: 2-3

* Depending on enrollment, this position may not be available. Hours to be confirmed on appointment.

Summary of duties and responsibilities

Mark course assignments including programming assignments, keep records of students' marks, provide course instructor with records of students' marks, assist instructor with conducting students in their course project(s) and project(s) assessment and marking, marking of mid-term test(s), invigilation of midterm and final exam, and other related tasks.

Required qualifications and experience

Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Electrical or Computer Engineering or an acceptable equivalent. Registered as a Master or Ph.D. student in Electrical or Computer Engineering or an acceptable equivalent. Taken at least one of the following courses: ECE 567, ECE 570 or ECE 572. Have good programming skills in at least one of these languages: python, Java or C/C++. Preference given to students who have taken one of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning course, and who have completed all coursework in the PhD program and passed the candidacy exam.

Other criteria considered include the career and/or pedagogical value a particular position will provide to the graduate/undergraduate student, the student's preferences, and other sources of graduate student financial support being received. The department appointment priority policy provides priority to graduate students in their academic department or school before others. The policy is posted in the department and is available on request.

The University of Victoria is an equity employer and encourages applications from women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and aboriginal persons.

Please submit a completed application form online or drop it off at the front desk of EOW 448 by: April 2, 2023.

1 Number of available positions is subject to funding availability, enrollment and/or course cancellation.

2 Effective July 1, 2019 for academic and scientific assistants. See CUPE 4163 collective agreement University of Victoria, Human Resources February 16, 2021.