Community engagement at UVic



awards that formally recognize community engagement achievements for students, faculty staff and alumni.


youth/year participate in STEM programs offered through Science Venture.

200 +

registered student clubs & organizations at UVic.


students on campus and nearly all have an opportunity to participate in learning opportunities connected to  community.


raised by the UVic United Way Campaign in 2019/2020 to support 100+ programs impacting the lives of 80,500 people in the local region.

$24.2 million

contributed in 2019/2020 to the local economy by 2000+ co-op students working in Greater Victoria.

All units and faculties

contribute to important research addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


partnerships in 51 countries that provide students with international hands-on learning opportunities.


invested in 2020 in support of COVID response and recovery.

150 +

concerts hosted at UVic or staged by the university at  various community venues throughout the Capital Region in 2019/2020.


National Centre for Indigenous Laws to be completed in 2023. Aimed to help Canada build a new nation-to-nation relationship based on the recognition—and renaissance—of Indigenous legal traditions.


academic areas offer co-op programs.