Graduate courses


The Department runs an outstanding seminar series, featuring visiting scientists from academia and industry. Graduate students are expected to attend at least nine of these seminars each term, except in the summer when the series is on hiatus. Students who are unable to attend a full complement of nine seminars because of research or teaching commitments at UVic or at other institutions must make prior arrangements with the Chem 509 instructor each term. Students who do not attend the requisite number of seminars will be required to complete additional assignments as determined by the Chem 509 instructor.

In addition to attending seminars by external speakers, each graduate student will also present a departmental seminar on their thesis research, usually in the final 12-18 months of their degree program. In 2016-17, these seminars will take place during two conference-format Graduate Student Research Days, one during Reading Break in November, the other during Reading Break in February. Attendance at these events is mandatory for all graduate students.

More information on Chem 509, including guidelines for seminar attendance is available here.

2016-17 Graduate Student Research Days

Lecture courses

Graduate students take 2 (MSc) or 4 (PhD) lecture courses during their degree, chosen from the following list. Many of the courses are taught in tandem with fourth-year undergraduate courses of the same name, and current availability of these courses are listed elsewhere. The distinction between 500- and 600-level courses is of historical importance only.


Both MSc and PhD students complete a thesis.

  • Chem 599 MSc Thesis
  • Chem 699 PhD Dissertation

Discussion courses

Graduate students participate in a weekly discussion of current research topics.