According to the university's Intellectual Property Policy(GV0215) professors and instructors are the authors of their original course materials, lecture notes, and lecture presentations. Accordingly, they own copyright in these materials.

Can I record my professor's lectures to review later? What about academic accommodation?

Occasionally, students enrolled in a course may ask to record lectures because they would like to review the material at a future date.

  • A lecture constitutes an instructor's intellectual property. A student must get permission to record the lecture from their instructor. 
  • Any material for the course (e.g. lecture notes, PowerPoints, syllabus, including a recording of a lecture) is made solely for the use of the student registered in the course for research and private study only. These materials must not be posted online or shared with other students without the instructor's permission 

In some cases, a student will request permission to record a lecture because they have a perceptual disability. You should be aware that there are policies and legislation regarding academic accommodation.


Should you have any questions please contact the Copyright Office.

The Copyright Office makes every effort to provide accurate information but does not offer it as counsel or legal advice.