Register for one of our Fall 2017 "Copyright 101" workshops

Wondering about copyright guidelines for making course materials available to students? Attend one of our copyright workshops and have all your questions answered. We also offer one-on-one consultations, by email, phone, and in-person. Please consult our workshops page, or contact us directly.

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Welcome to the Copyright Office Website

At the Copyright Office, our goal is to provide faculty, staff, and students with information they require to successfully navigate copyright issues. This website is organized to provide resources regarding copyright, fair dealing, university policies and guidelines, workshops, and using copyrighted materials in an educational setting. Please use this resource for keeping up to date with changes and developments in copyright and its application on campus.

Our team looks forward to assisting you.

Should you have any questions please contact the Copyright Office.

The Copyright Office makes every effort to provide accurate information but does not offer it as counsel or legal advice.