Online Storage: Education (EDUC) Netdrive

imageThe Faculty of Education provides online storage space - the EDUC netdrive - for students, instructors, staff and special projects (including research projects, centres, student associations and special events.) The EDUC netdrive has several main subfolders:

  • educlab - online storage for lab and course related work. Click on the "Student Storage", "Course/Instructor Storage", "Event Storage" tabs below for more information.
  • educresearch - online storage for Education research projects.
  • educshare - online storage for sharing and collaborating between Education Faculty and staff.
  • educuser - individual online storage for Education Faculty and staff.

For instructions on how to connect to the EDUC netdrive see Accessing the EDUC Netdrive. For information about setting up space on the EDUC netdrive, please contact us.

The University of Victoria Student Computing Facilities (SCF) also provides online storage space for students, faculty and staff. See the Student Computing Facilities website for more help and information.

All lab stations have a shortcut/alias on the Desktop to the EDUC netdrive and the SCF "UVic Individual Temp" netdrives.

Our staff are available to provide assistance and training for everything from simple "How do I..." questions to broader planning for special projects by students, instructors and researchers.

If you need more help or have questions, please contact us or check out our HACQ (Helpful Answers to Common Questions) page.

Various "Student-..." folders are provided as a convenience for the storage of UVic course work related to the Faculty of Education and Education courses. Files left in these folder are left at your own risk. The main folder, located at:


is for general use however special "Student-..." folders may be located inside a Course folder. Please contact your course intstructor for more information about these course-specific "Student-..." folders.

Some Suggestions, Recommendations and Warnings

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Please create only one folder...

Please create only one folder named after your NetlinkID and try to keep all of your data in that one folder. If you need to share a folder, you may either change the permissions on your personal folder or create an additional folder using your Netlink ID as a name with "share" after it.

Many people use this online storage...

Please do your part to keep the clutter down by keeping your files inside your NetlinkID named folder. Please delete all work that is no longer required in order to free up disk space for yourself and others.

Don't work off the netdrive...

We strongly advise against opening files or working directly from the netdrive. Aside from being much slower, corruption and complete loss of data may occur. We recommend downloading files to the local computer, working from the local copies, and then uploading files to the netdrive when done.

If your files are very large and take a long time to down/upload, see the section on "Local Student_Files storage" below.

Local Student_Files storage...

If your files are very large and take a long time to down/upload, you can save your work to a special "Student_Files" folder located at the top level of the harddrive (on both Mac and Windows sides.) Folders and files located in the "Student_Files" folder will not be deleted when you logout!

There is a shortcut to this folder on the Desktop. To setup this folder:

  • Windows: Just open the Student_Files folder and create a new folder (named with your NetlinkID).
  • Mac: Launch (double-click) the "Create a Local Secure Folder" application. A folder will be created in "Student_Files" named with your NetlinkID.

The contents of folders saved in the local "Student_Files" (if you followed the above setup) will:

  • only be accessible by you;
  • only be accessible on the specific station you created them on;
  • will normally be left until the end of term (like other "Student-..." folders) and then deleted sometime in late April, August and December.

Warnings: Folders and files located in a local "Student_Files" folder:

  • are not backed up;
  • may be deleted at anytime by lab staff if the station is running out of harddrive space (older files usually deleted first) or the computer needs to be rebuilt;
  • will not be backed up by lab staff if they are going to be deleted.

We recommend using the online storage on the EDUC netdrive to backup your local files.

All files will be deleted at the end of each term...

WARNING: All folders and files located in any "Student-..." folders (including Course and local Student_Files folders) will be deleted at the end of each term (late April, August, December.) See the "Where did my files go?" tab.

Additional terms of use...

  • Repeated disregard of the terms of use will result in your loss of access to the Student Folder.
  • Do not remove or alter the permissions associated with "Administrators", "Domain Admins", "EducLabs" or "SYSTEM" from your files or folders.
  • By default, only the System Administrators and yourself will have access to your files and folders; you may grant additional rights to other UVic Netlink IDs if you choose; this is particularly handy for collaborating on group projects.
  • fFiles that are offensive in any way, or are clearly in violation of copyright, will be removed immediately upon discovery or complaint.
  • Folder names which are offensive in any way, or are longer then 30 characters, will be renamed immediately upon discovery or complaint; the renamed item will include your Netlink ID as part of the new name.
  • Do not use special characters, blank spaces, numbers, extra "a" or "z" characters and so on to name your files and folders. Long file and folder names which fall outside of this convention may be renamed without warning - the renamed item will include your Netlink ID as part of the new name.
  • Files which are left laying around inside the main folder will be moved to the "_TO_BE_DELETED_" folder on a periodic basis and without warning.

Online storage space is available for Education related courses providing Please contact us for more information.

At the end of every term (late April, August, December), all files and folders located in any "Student-..." and "Drop Box" folders (including course-specific folders) will be moved into a local "_TO_BE_DELETED_/" folder (located inside the "Student-..." or "Drop Box" folder.) A short time after the transfer, all files in the "_TO_BE_DELETED_/" folder will be deleted. NO BACKUPS WILL BE MADE.

As well, if required during a term to maintain a useable amount of free space on the EducLabs network drive, files and folders may be moved to a different location or into the local "_TO_BE_DELETED_" folder. A short time after the transfer all files in the "_TO_BE_DELETED_" folder will be deleted. NO BACKUPS WILL BE MADE.

If you find your files in a the "_TO_BE_DELETED_/" folder and want to save them, move them out of the folder into an appropriate "Student-..." folder. They should be safe until the next clean-up.

The EDUC netdrive volume is backed up on a regular basis. If for some reason you lose your files, please contact us for assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.