Keeping in touch

Wendy Gedney, UVic alumni.
"Keeping in touch is vital. I enjoy being able to contribute to my profession even in retirement. Life long learning just feels good!" Wendy Gedney BEd '83.

In the Faculty of Education our relationships with our students don't end at graduation. We're doing everything we can to maintain and strengthen the community we share with our alumni, friends and partners.

We will continue to offer many ways for you to continue to engage in the life of the faculty and our students through the following avenues:

  • ConnectED education alumni newsletter
  • alumni social events in different cities and provinces
  • on campus education alumni events and celebrations
  • educational conferences, symposiums and speaking events

But we're only as strong as our database of contacts. We encourage you to stay in contact with us by:

  • keeping your current contact information up-to-date through Alumni Services
  • keep us up-to-date with your personal and professional lives. Wedding, new baby or promotion? Published a book or had an exciting career change? Let us know.