Accessing the Education Netdrive


The Faculty of Education provides a network hard drive storage space - the EDUC netdrive - for students, instructors, staff and special projects (including research projects, centres, student associations and special events.) EDUC netdrive has several main subfolders:

  • educlab - online storage for lab and course related work. Click on the "Student storage", "Course Storage", "Event Storage" tabs below for more information.
  • educresearch - online storage for Education research projects.
  • educshare - online storage for sharing and collaborating between Education Faculty and staff.
  • educuser - individual online storage for Education Faculty and staff.

For information about setting up space on the Education webserver, please contact us. For instructions on how to connect to the Education webserver, click on the tabs below.

The University of Victoria provides limited network drive space for students, faculty and staff with a NetlinkID account. Click here for quick help or more information on storage options available through the Student Computing Facilities.

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Our staff are available to provide assistance and training for everything from simple "How do I..." questions to broader planning for special projects by students, instructors and researchers.

If you need more help or have questions, please contact us or check out our HACQ (Helpful Answers to Common Questions) page.

In order to connect to the Education webserver from off campus, you first need to make with a secure “VPN connection”. For information on how to download, install and connect UVic's VPN software, go to the UVic Computer Helpdesk VPN site.

Once you’ve established a secure VPN connection, follow the instructions to map a network drive for Mac or Windows on the adjacent tabs.

1. Under the pull-down “Go” menu, select “Connect to Server...”
Connect to EDUC Server2. Enter the Server Address: ... and click the “Connect” button. (Note: The "EDUC" part must be in capital letters.)
Connect to Server3. Login (if asked):
  • Name: NetlinkID
  • Password: your NetlinkID password
Connect to Server4. The network drive "EDUC" should appear on your desktop. If it doesn't, open a new finder window to see the network drive.
Connect to Server1. Right click on “My Computer” and select “Map Network Drive...”
Connect to Server2. In the “Map Network Drive” window set these options:
  • Drive: (Choose any drive letter, e.g. Z:)
  • Folder: \\\educ
Connect to Server3. Login (if asked):
  • Name: uvic\NetlinkID
  • Password: your NetlinkID password
  • * Don't forget to uncheck the "Reconnect at logon" checkbox... or your computer will try to reconnect every time you login (which will fail if you're off campus because you won't have a secure VPN connection.)
4. If a window with the network drive doesn’t auto-open, open “My Computer” and you should see the network drive listed; double-click to open it.