Frequently asked questions

Accounts Receivable

I need to invoice a third party for items my department sold so the buyer can pay us. We don’t have a POS or AR system, what do I use?

  • FASTAR must be used to invoice your client, record the accounting transaction, track the outstanding balance and record payments made on the invoice. You’ll need to provide the buyer information (name, mailing address), a description of the goods or services sold, amount of the sale or cost recovery. See the invoice detail requirements for further information.

How do I access FASTAR to issue a UVic invoice?

I have received a payment for an invoice, what do I do with it?

  • As the invoice was issued through FASTAR, it’s important that any payment received must also be posted through this system.  Please do not record the payment directly into your departmental FAST account.
  • If you receive a cheque or cash payment for an invoice issued through FASTAR, you must inform the FASTAR Administrator in one of two ways:
    • Send the payment to Accounting Services attached to a Cash & cheque remittance or Credit card processing request form indicating the Invoice # (GRXXXXXX) and crediting FAST account 10000-00000-1130; or
    • Deposit the payment and include the amount with your FAST JV daily cash report (DCR) crediting the FAST account 10000-00000-1130 and indicating the invoice # (GRXXXXXX)

How do I request a new customer and/or change an existing customer profile in FASTAR?

  • If the customer to be invoiced does not appear in the database or requires a change on the customer profile,  submit the Request for customer profiles & changes form. An email confirmation will be sent back to you with the new customer number or confirmation of the profile change.

If you have additional questions, contact or 250-721-6558.