Students with disabilities or chronic medical barriers

If you're a student with a disability or a chronic medical barrier, you may be eligible for priority consideration.

Priority consideration is defined as priority admittance to a specific type of housing in residence and/or priority admittance to housing outside of current admissions practices or eligibility criteria, based on restrictions or limitations resulting from disability or chronic medical barriers, or other factors.

Read the Priority Consideration Information Guide to review the full eligibility, application and decision-making process.

Applying for priority consideration

  • If you believe that you qualify for priority consideration, complete the regular residence application process. Within the housing portal, you will be guided to a supplemental priority consideration request form.
  • Complete and submit the priority consideration request form, with accompanying documentation, by the appropriate deadline shown below.

Deadlines for submitting your PCR supplemental request form

  • If you are applying for September 2017, submit the priority consideration form and documentation by June 15, 2017
  • If you are applying for January 2018, submit the priority consideration form and documentation by November 1, 2017

Note: All late applications, if approved, will be placed on a waitlist to be prioritized after move-in day.