Showcasing our work at SBM 2020!

In April, Dr. Sam Liu and many of our graduate students are flying down to San Francisco to attend and present at SBM.

Dr. Sam Liu will be co-presenting at a Digital Health Symposium titled, "Social Listening: Harnessing Behavioral Health Insights from Real-Time Organic Conversation".

We have three posters featured this year:

  1. Dose-response Effects of an Online and In-Person Family Intervention on Physical Activity in Children Who Are Overweight presented by Brenda Adams, Dimas Adiputranto, and Nick Smith 
  2. A Randomized Comparison Trial Addressing Family Eating Practices: An Interactive Family-Based Healthy Weights Pilot Study presented by Dimas Adiputranto, on behalf of Megan Perdew
  3. A Systematic Review of the Dose-Response Relationship between Usage and Physical Activity in Online Weight-Loss Intervention presented by Nick Smith

The full SBM 2020 progam can be accessed here.