COVID-19 Research Funding

The following project has been funded through UVic's Emergency COVID-19 Funding. Read more about this funding here.
COVID-19 and its impact on health behavior: Predicting physical distancing and physical activity in a representative sample of adult Canadians
Principal investigators: Ryan Rhodes and Sam Liu
Co-investigators: Alex Lithopoulos, Mauricio Garcia-Barrera, and Chun-Qing Zhang

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a wealth of challenges, as well as a necessity to find new solutions to help protect both public and individual health. Social distancing and physical activity are two examples of these deliberate responses to the challenges faced during COVID-19, behaviours which primary researchers Ryan Rhodes and Sam Liu have set out to research with co-researchers Alex Lithopoulos, Mauricio Garcia-Barrera, and Chun-Qing Zhang.

Through the use of survey, the goal of their COVID-19 Emergency Funded study is to better understand predictors of both social distancing behaviour and physical activity during the pandemic, exploring socio-demographic and personality traits to understand variations in findings.