Research monograph published

The research monograph, titled "Robust Receding Horizon Control for Networked and Distributed Nonlinear Systems" by Dr. Huiping Li and Prof. Yang Shi, was just published in Springer.

This book offers a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of receding-horizon control for nonlinear networks. It presents novel general strategies that can simultaneously handle general nonlinear dynamics, system constraints, and disturbances arising in networked and large-scale systems and which can be widely applied. These receding-horizon-control-based strategies can achieve sub-optimal control performance while ensuring closed-loop stability: a feature attractive to engineers.

The authors address the problems of networked and distributed control step-by-step, gradually increasing the level of challenge presented. The book first introduces the state-feedback control problems of nonlinear networked systems and then studies output feedback control problems. For large-scale nonlinear systems, disturbance is considered first, then communication delay separately, and lastly the simultaneous combination of delays and disturbances. Each chapter of this easy-to-follow book not only proposes and analyzes novel control algorithms and/or strategies, but also rigorously develops provably correct design conditions. It also provides concise, illustrative examples to demonstrate the implementation procedure, making it invaluable both for academic researchers and engineering practitioners.

Book cover