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“We are to be like machines…fill the bed before it gets cold”: Exploring the emotional geographies of healthcare providers caring for dying residents in long-term care facilitiesGiesbrecht, M., Stajduhar, K., Cloutier D., Dujela, C.2021Academic publication
Team-based integrated knowledge translation for enhancing quality of life in long-term care settings: A multi-method, multi-sectoral research designKeefe, J., Hande, M-J., Aubrecht, K., Daly, T., Cloutier, D., Taylor, D., Hoben, M., Stajduhar, K., Cook, H., Bourgeault, I.L. MacDonald, L., & Estabrooks, C.A.2020Academic publication
Provocations on privilege in palliative are: Are we meeting our core mandate?Stajduhar, K.2020Academic publication
Infographic: COVID-19: Equity-Informed Palliative Care & Social DisadvantageEquity in Palliative Approaches to Care Collaborative2020Educational tool or resource
"Everybody in this community is at risk of dying": An ethnographic exploration on the potential of integrating a palliative approach to care among workers in inner-city settingsStajduhar, K.I., Giesbrecht, M., Mollison, A., & d’Archangelo, M. 2020Academic publication
Equity-Informed Advance Care Planning (ACP) Tools​Equity in Palliative Approaches to Care Collaborative2020Educational tool or resource
Caregiving at the margins: An ethnographic exploration of family caregivers experiences providing care for structurally vulnerable populations at the end-of-lifeStajduhar, K.I., **Giesbrecht, M., Mollison, A., **Dosani, N., & McNeil, R. 2020Academic publication
Self-Perceived Competence of Nurses and Care Aides Providing a Palliative Approach in Home, Hospital, and Residential Care Settings: A Cross-Sectional SurveySawatzky, R., Roberts, D., Russell, L., Bitschy, A., Ho, S., Desbiens, J-F., Chan, E.,Tayler, C., & Stajduhar, K.2019Academic publication
"Just too busy living in the moment and surviving”: Barriers to accessing health care for structurally vulnerable populations at end-of-lifeStajduhar, K., Mollison, A., Giesbrecht, M., McNeil, R., Pauly, B., Reimer-Kirkham, S., Dosani, N., Wallace, B., Showler, G., Meagher, C., Kvakic, K., Gleave, D., Teal, T., Rose, C., Showler, C., & Rounds, K.2019Academic publication
Applying the concept of structural empowerment to interactions between families and home care nursesFunk, L.M., Stajduhar, K., Giesbrecht, M., Cloutier, D., Williams, A., & Wolse, F.2019Academic publication
A scoping review of palliative care for persons with severe persistent mental illnessDonald, E., & Stajduhar, K. 2019Academic publication
What are healthcare providers’ understandings and experiences of compassion? The healthcare compassion model: A grounded theory study of healthcare providers in CanadaSinclair, S., Hack, T.F., Raffin-Bouchal, S., McClement, S., Stajduhar, K., Singh, P., Hagen, N.A., Sinnarajah, A., & Chochinov, H.M.2018Academic publication
Too Little, Too Late: How we fail vulnerable Canadians as they die and what to do about itStajduhar, Kelli; Mollison, Ashley; and the Equitable Access to Care Team2018Report
Micro-meso-macro practice tensions in using patient-reported outcome and experience measures in hospital palliative careKrawczyk, M., Sawatzky, R., Schick-Makaroff, K., Stajduhar, K., Ӧhlen, J., Reimer-Kirkham, S., Laforest, E.M., & Cohen, S.R.2018Academic publication
Hospitals, clinics, and palliative care units: Place-based experiences of formal healthcare settings by people experiencing structural vulnerability at the end-of-lifeGiesbrecht, M., Stajduhar, K., Mollison, A., Pauly, B., Reimer-Kirkham, S., McNeil, R., Wallace, B., Dosani, N., & Rose, C. 2018Academic publication
Discourses Reproducing Gender Inequities in Hospice Palliative Home CareSutherland, N., Ward-Griffin, C., McWilliam, C., & Stajduhar, K. 2018Academic publication
Design and introduction of a quality of life assessment and practice support system: Perspectives from palliative care settingsSawatzky, R., Laforest, E., Schick Makaroff, K., Stajduhar, K., Reimer-Kirkham, S., Krawczyk, M., Öhlén, J., McLeod, B., Hilliard, N., Tayler, C., & Cohen, S.R. 2018Academic publication
Book Chapter: Supporting Families and Family Caregivers in Palliative CareStajduhar, K.I., & Dionne-Odom, J.N.2018Academic publication
Structural impact on gendered expectations and exemptions for family caregivers in hospice palliative home careSutherland, N., Ward-Griffin, C., McWilliam, C., & Stajduhar, K. 2017Academic publication
Embedding a palliative approach in nursing care delivery: An integrated knowledge synthesisSawatzky, R., Porterfield, P., Roberts, D., Lee, J., Liang, L., Reimer-Kirkham, S., Pesut, B., Schalkwyk, T. Stajduhar, K., Tayler, C., Baumbusch, J., & Thorne, S.2017Academic publication
Editorial: When cancer hits the streetsStajduhar, K.I., Mollison, A., Gleave, D., & Hwant, S.W.2017Academic publication
Bereaved family members' perceptions of the quality of end-of-life care across four types of inpatient care settingsStajduhar K.I., Sawatzky, R., Cohen, R., Heyland, D., Allan, D., Bidgood, D., Norgrove, L., & Gadermann, A.2017Academic publication
Rebuilding the roots of patient-centred care. [Peer commentary on “Bringing nursing back to the future through people powered care” by Sharkey and LeFebre].Thorne, S., & Stajduhar, K.2017Academic publication
Gendered Processes in Hospice Palliative Home Care for Seniors With Cancer and Their Family CaregiversSutherland, N., Ward-Griffin, C., McWilliam, C., & Stajduhar, K.2016Academic publication
Death is a social justice issue: Perspectives on equity-informed palliative careReimer-Kirkham, S., Stajduhar, K., Pauly, B., Giesbrecht, M., Mollison, A., McNeil, R., & Wallace, B.2016Report
Conceptual foundations of a palliative approach: a knowledge synthesisSawatzky, R., Porterfield, P., Lee, J., Dixon, D., Lounsbury, K., Pesut, B., Roberts, D., Tayler, C., Voth, J., & Stajduhar, K. 2016Academic publication
‘Close to’ a palliative approach: nurses' and care aides' descriptions of caring for people with advancing chronic life‐limiting conditionsReimer-Kirkham, S., Sawatzky, R., Roberts, D., Cochrane, M., & Stajduhar, K.2016Academic publication
What family caregivers learn when providing care at the end of life: a qualitative secondary analysis of multiple datasetsFunk, L., Stajduhar, K.I., & Outcalt, L.2015Academic publication
Translational Scholarship and a Palliative Approach: Enlisting the Knowledge-As-Action FrameworkReimer-Kirkham, S., Hartrick Doane, G., Antifeau, E., Pesut, B., Porterfield, P., Roberts, D., Stajduhar, K., & Wikjord, N. 2015Academic publication
The Impact of the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) in Community Palliative Care Using a Stepped Wedge Cluster TrialAoun, S. M., Grande, G., Howtling, D., Deas, K., Toye, C., Troeung, L., Stajduhar, K., & Ewing, G.2015Academic publication
Supporting family caregivers to identify their own needs in end-of-life care: Qualitative findings from a stepped wedge cluster trialAoun, S., Deas, K., Toye, C., Ewig, G., Grande, G., & Stajduhar, K.I.2015Academic publication
(Re)theorizing Integrated Knowledge Translation: A Heuristic for Knowledge-As-ActionHartrick Doane, G., Reimier-Kirkham, S., Antifeau, E., & Stajduhar, K.2015Academic publication
Registered nurses' involvement in advance care planning: an integrative reviewRietze, L., & Stajduhar, K.2015Academic publication
Palliative approach education for rural nurses and health-care workers: a mixed-method studyPesut, B., Potter, G., Stajduhar, K.I., Sawatzky, R., McLeod, B., & Drabot, K.2015Academic publication
Identifying socio-environmental factors that facilitate resilience among Canadian palliative family caregivers: a qualitative case studyGiesbrecht, M., Wolse, F., Crooks, V.A., & Stajduhar, K.2015Academic publication
Findings on Advance Care Plans among Cognitively Impaired Older AdultsJeznach, A., Tuokko, H., Garcia-Barrera, M., & Stajduhar, K.2015Academic publication
Enabling a family caregiver-led assessment of support needs in home-based palliative care: Potential translation into practiceAoun, S., Toye, C., Deas, K., Howting, D., Ewing, G., Grande, G., & Stajduhar, K.2015Academic publication
Cultural influences on palliative family caregiving: service recommendations specific to the Vietnamese in CanadaWilliams, A.M., Donovan, R., Stajduhar, K., & Spitzer, D.2015Academic publication
Contrasting stories of life-threatening illness: a narrative inquiryShields, L., Molzahn, A., Bruce, A., Schick Makaroff, K., Stadjuhar, K.I., Beuthin, R., & Shermak, S. 2015Academic publication
Client, caregiver, and provider perspectives of safety in palliative home care: a mixed method designLang, A., Toon, L., Cohen, S.R., Stajduhar, K.I., Griffin, M., Fleiszer, A.R., Easty, T., & Williams, A.2015Academic publication
Examining the language-place-healthcare intersection in the context of Canadian homecare nursingGiesbrecht, M.D., Crooks, V.A., & Stajduhar, K.I.2014Academic publication