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A graphic of six interlocking stages in a flower-like arrangement. They read: CSNAT Approach Stage 1: Introduction of CSNAT, Stage 2: Carer consideration of needs, Stage 3: Assessment conversation, Stage 4: Shared action plan, Stage 5: Shared review. In the middle it reads: "14 domains: Enabling the carer to care :7) and "direct support for the carer" (7)"
The CSNAT approach.

Featured resource: Canadian CSNAT (Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool) Approach Learning Modules

Family caregivers play a key role in the support and delivery of care to those who are dying at home. While many family members take on these caregiving responsibilities out of a strong sense of family commitment to care for their own, it is not without consequences. Our Canadian team of researchers have been working with colleagues in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia to develop mechanisms to help the health care system and its workers better respond to the support needs of family caregivers. Through the leadership of our UK colleagues, came the development of the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT). The CSNAT can be used as an intervention in home and hospital-based palliative care. The CSNAT is an approach, used by providers, to facilitate and focus conversations with family caregivers to reveal and address their own support needs.

Through collaboration and joint effort with the UK CSNAT team we have finalized a Canadian revision of the CSNAT Learning Modules. These are educational tools to help equip care providers with The CSNAT Approach.

Would you like to learn a little more about the CSNAT Approach? Read this excerpt from the Learning Unit 1 Appendices, which provides a general overview. For more information, or if you would like to register for this free training, visit the National Institute for Health Research website.

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