Kelli Stajduhar Named Visiting Hood Fellow

Professor Kelli Stajduhar has been named as a 2024 Hood Fellow by the University of Auckland. Nominated by the Te Ārai Research Group, she will visit New Zealand next autumn. While there, she will give a public lecture at the university open to the public, hold seminars with School of Nursing staff and liaise with organisations working in the homelessness and palliative care sector.

CIHR funds "Caregiving for vulnerable and marginalized older adults at the end of life" study

Working with inner city palliative care teams in three Canadian cities (Victoria, Calgary and Toronto), EiPC's Kelli Stajduhar, a nursing professor and research affiliate with UVic’s Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health, will lead a new study that aims to expand our understanding of the non-traditional caregiver experience by exploring who provides palliative care, what types of supports they provide, where care usually happens, and the impacts on caregivers.

ePAC research leads to better end-of-life care for people in poverty

Death may be the great equalizer, but access to good end-of-life care is rarely equitable. A new mobile palliative care program is addressing that imbalance by providing care and dignity to people in Victoria with life-limiting illnesses who are homeless and living in poverty. The Palliative Outreach Resource Team (PORT)—launched Sept. 19—is built upon lessons learned from a three-year study led by UVic palliative care researcher Kelli Stajduhar, lead investigator of the Equity in Palliative Approaches to Care program with the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health and the School of Nursing.