Inter-Provincial Navigation Programs

An inter-provincial comparison of innovative programs that help individuals and families affected by life-limiting chronic illnesses navigate end-of-life health services.

Study description

This two-phased project aims to identify and compare how effective community-based navigation programs, implemented across Canada, are at assisting individuals and families affected by life-limiting chronic illnesses in improving access to services and supports, and achieving EOL goals, to shape recommendations around whether and how to implement such programs.

Research objective

Specific project objectives are to:

  1. Use an integrated knowledge translation (iKT) approach that actively engages patient/family and knowledge user team members in research processes;
  2. Identify innovative navigation programs across provinces and territories, and articulate the principle components that enable them to address the needs of individuals affected by life-limiting illness and their families who are living in the community (Phase 1);
  3. Compare how well these programs a) improve individuals’ and families’ navigation by increasing their awareness of, access to, and/or coordination between needed services and supports; b) are integrated into primary healthcare services and systems of care; and c) support EOL goals including preferences for care and death (Phase 2); and
  4. Identify the determinants of successful implementation of these innovative programs in different institutional, policy, and socio-political contexts (Phase 2).


This research is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR #402852) and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (Grant #18188).


  • Robin Urquhart (PI, Dalhousie)
  • Kelli Stajduhar (Co-I, UVic)
  • Beverly Lawson (Co-I, Dalhousie)
  • Cheryl Tschupruk (Co-I, Nova Scotia Health Authority)
  • Grace Warner (Co-I, Nova Scotia Health Authority)
  • Kathryn Pfaff (Co-I, UWindsor)
  • Bernice Kamano (Knowledge User, Circle of Sage)
  • Douglas McGregor (Knowledge User, Victoria Hospice)
  • Grey Showler (Knowledge User, Cool Aid Society)
  • Kristen Kvakic (Knowledge User, Provincial Health Services Authority)
  • Naheed Dosani (Knowledge User, Palliative Education And Care for the Homeless)
  • Simon Colgan (Knowledge User, Calgary's Allied Mobile Palliative Program)
  • Cynthia Kendall (Nova Scotia Health Authority)
  • Margaret Jorgenson (Nova Scotia Health Authority)
  • Faith Fauteux (UWindsor)
  • Carren Dujela (UVic)