Seminar: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, Sam Wadsworth


TITLE:                        Aspect Biosystems’ Lab-on-a-PrinterTM – The Next Generation of 3D Bioprinting

SPEAKER:                  Sam Wadsworth, PhD, Aspect Biosystems Ltd., Co-founder & CSO

DATE:                         Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TIME:                          2:30 – 3:30 pm

LOCATION:                ECS 660


Aspect Biosystems uses proprietary Lab-on-a-Printer (LOP)™ bioprinting technology to create high quality living 3D human tissues.  We aim to improve our understanding of disease and accelerate the pre-clinical drug discovery process, by providing pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academic researchers with the technology to generate functional living tissues that better mimic real human responses.  In our presentation we will focus on one example of our printed tissues, the 3DBioRing Airway™, a muscle tissue that accurately models the constriction and relaxation of an airway during an asthma attack in vitro. We engage industry and academics via strategic partnerships to access Aspect LOP™ printing technology and we are currently working with select academic groups via an Early Platform Access Program. Aspect Biosystem’s long-term vision is to enable the generation of human tissues on demand for multiple applications including cosmetics-testing, personalized medicine, diagnostics, and regenerative medicine.


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