Seminar: June 19, 2015, Dr. Arthur Blackburn

TITLE:                        Mirco-Fabricated Components for Enhanced Electron Microscopy

SPEAKER:                  Dr. Arthur M. Blackburn, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, Cambridge, UK  

DATE:                         Friday, June 19th, 2015

TIME:                         11:00 am – noon


LOCATION:               Elliott Building, Room 161  

Abstract: While multipole aberration correctors for electron microscopes in combination with advancements their associated technologies and capabilities, such as extended holographic imaging, are bringing about a wealth of new insights upon materials with atomic resolution, there is more that can be learnt by using the electron microscope with novel micro-fabricated components. These allow the modification of the electron probe and contrast transfer function, facilitating access to more information in the spatial and temporal domains upon the sample being observed.

In this talk I will describe micro-fabricated devices I have been developing with this goal and discuss their applications, including: phase plates, and their applications on biological and other phase objects; electron vortex beams for plasmonic structures; annular apertures for deep structure observations; and novel shaped beams for specialized metrology. Gaining the fundamental insights required for the development of these devices and other electronics related technologies for Hitachi within the University environment, has helped drive some of the research, instrumentation and experimental capability with the Department of Physics, as I will also discuss.