Seminar: July 17, 2015, Dr. Daniel Hayes

TITLE:                        Gene Regulatory and Materials Based Approaches for In Situ Tissue Repair

SPEAKER:                  Dr. Daniel Hayes, Biological Engineering, Louisiana State University

DATE:                         Friday, July 17th, 2015

TIME:                         2:00 – 3:00 pm

LOCATION:               ECS 660 

Abstract: Current clinical treatments of large bone defects include alloplasts, bone-grafts and growth factors but their limitations include availability, efficacy, cost-effectiveness and toxicity. Therefore, it is imperative to develop new strategies to facilitate bone regeneration that result in either superior or similar function compared to pre-existing bone. Here we will describe several techniques, both gene regulatory and materials based, to control bone tissue regeneration in situ. Our group has demonstrated a photoactivated plasmonic system to modulate MSC differentiation in vitro and bone repair in vivo.  Additionally, we discuss based catalyzed thiol-acrylate systems for in situ polymerizing synthetic and hybrid graft materials.

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