FBS Workshop: Basic Laboratory Techniques

CAMTEC is pleased to announce a new workshop series starting this fall which is open to all CAMTEC students.  The FBS Workshop series will consist of mini- workshops aimed at non-biochemists to teach and reinforce basic biochemical and biological laboratory techniques. Participants will come out of the workshops with the ability to use biological systems to study their materials, physics, engineering, and chemistry projects. 

The first in the series is entitled Basic biological laboratory techniques”. It will be a 3 hour, hands-on practical workshop including proper pipetting, sterile technique, running gels, and an introduction to available instrumentation. This is a requirement for all other workshops.  Space is limited.  

Date: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Time: 9:00 am – noon

Where:  BWC 214

Cost:  $50, CAMTEC will cover $25 while supervisors will cover the remainder

Registration:  Is required.  Please contact  if you are interested or require more information.