Tool list

Biosample purification
Biosample purification

Bacterial protein expression

  • Innova I26R bacterial incubators
  • Beckmann Avanti J-E floor centrifuge
  • Various table-top centrifuges and micropipets
  • AKTA Start Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography systems
  • Agilent multipurpose Liquid Chromatography system
  • Mini-PROTEAN Vertical Electrophoresis cells for SDS-Page
  • –80°C cold storage
  • Biowave Personal Cell Density Meter

Tissue culture

  • Tissue culture hood
  • Mammalian cell incubator
  • Cell storage dewar

Bioanalytical chemistry

  • Spectramax M5 Multimode microplate spectrometer
  • Biacore X100 SPR

Related equipment in associated labs

  • Microcal VP-ITC
  • Shimadzu preparative HPLC
  • CEM Liberty 1 peptide synthesizer
  • Diverse mass spectrometers (Department of Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (Department of Chemistry NMR Facility)
  • Benchtop pH meter with probe
  • Temperature-controlled water bath
  • Balances, vortex mixers, rockers, stirring hotplates, block heater, ultrasonic bath