CAMTEC Nanofabrication workshop

CAMTEC Nanofabrication Workshop

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As a part of graduate student training programs, CAMTEC offers the "Nanofabrication Training Workshop" at the Advanced Microscopy Facility and UVic NanoFab Lab three times a year. The intent of the workshop is to train CAMTEC graduate students to become capable users of techniques such as electron beam lithography and focused ion beam lithography using a high resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM), a Focused Ion Beam (FIB)  system and an Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) system.

The FIB lithography is a technique used particularly in the semiconductor industry, materials science and increasingly in the biological field for site-specific analysis, deposition, and ablation of materials.  Material is sputtered away with nanometer accuracy to a vector or bitmap pattern or materials can be welded together inside the chamber of the fib. Electron Beam Lithography also known as EBL, is a technique for rapid prototyping of structures and devices. It combines the flexibility of FIB with the speed of lithography at a larger scale than FIB. Electron sensitive materials are used as a mask and when exposed to an electron beam can be developed in the same manner as photolithography but with higher resolution.

The individual training costs are: SEM workshop 1.5 days is $203, FIB workshop 2 days training $485, EBL workshop 1 day is $350. Total $1038.

CAMTEC will subsidize the cost of the Nanofabrication Workshop so that the fee to supervisors will be $400.