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- Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost

The VPAC office is surveying current UVic faculty and instructors to learn more about how best to support them in their use of educational technologies, specifically class recordings. We want to hear from you—your experience with lecture capture, your students’ experiences and reactions, the benefits and drawbacks, and what we can do to better support you. Survey results will help us to prioritize resources going forward.

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  1. UVic is committed to providing and maintaining high-quality educational experiences for all our students.
  2. UVic is committed to exploring options to further enhance accessibility in learning and teaching, and greater use of accessible design strategies using universal design for learning principles.
  3. UVic is also committed to supporting faculty and instructors to deliver high-quality education to our students, for example, by providing appropriate technology and supports including digital fluency to enhance teaching and learning.


UVic has invested in significant upgrading and expansion in our educational technologies.

Specific examples include a new learning management system (Brightspace), lecture capture platform (Echo360) and desktop lecture capture technology in almost all our classrooms (currently 135 classrooms with work in seven additional classrooms underway for a total of 142 out of approximately 155 classrooms).

The increased technical functionality has also fundamentally altered the learning and teaching landscape at UVic. Feedback from faculty, instructors and students indicates appreciation for these educational technologies. In particular, students have shared that they really appreciate the basic recording of lectures available in many courses.

In response to a survey of their learning experience in fall 2021, 75 per cent of students indicated that they appreciated being able to watch or listen to recorded lectures multiple times.

While not intended to replace face-to-face learning, recorded lectures can further universal design for learning principles, limit academic accommodation and concession requests, and reduce instructors’ workload while protecting students’ privacy and furthering implementation of the BC Accessibility Act.

Recognizing that recording may not be feasible or ideal for all courses (for example, seminars, labs and studios), we would like to enhance the class recording infrastructure and supports at UVic. We would like to hear your experience using the existing technologies and to seek your feedback on the necessary resources to better support faculty and instructors. Take the survey.

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