Have you signed up for your ORCID iD yet?

The ORCID iD is a free, unique, persistent identifier used by scholars and researchers to distinguish themselves, get credit for their work, and use as a universal, interoperable CV for grant funding, research, publishing, and reporting workflows. Anyone can register for their own ORCID iD. Your ORCID iD will stay unique to you despite changes in name, institution or area of focus.

Benefits of ORCID iDs include:

  • distinguishing between authors with the same name.
  • attributing publications to a single author despite inconsistent use of first names/initials, name changes, or publications in different writing systems.
  • providing stable URLs to authors and lists of their research outputs.

Check out our short guide to learn how to populate your profile. If you’d like the Office of Scholarly Communications to help you with populating your ORCID profile—please email and let us know.

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