UVic hosts third IdeaFest, March 3-8

Be informed, beguiled and challenged by more than 50 thought-provoking events

Are Canadians sharing too much information online? What is the scariest greenhouse gas? Does the popularity of e-cigarettes mean the renormalization of smoking? How do you teach tomorrow’s business leaders to think beyond the bottom line?

These are just a few of the big questions that the University of Victoria is posing during its third annual IdeaFest, March 3-8. There’ll be plenty of invigorating and entertaining ideas up for discussion and debate in every corner of the campus.

The free festival is an ideal opportunity for community members of all ages to have their curiosity piqued by researchers, scholars and artists working on the kinds of ideas that can change your perspective and maybe even your world.

IdeaFest 2014 events range from discussions on topics such as cyber-bullying, religious tolerance, fitness and exercise, and renewable energy…to campus tours of trees and Aboriginal art…to fast-paced, public-friendly thesis presentations from UVic’s talented graduate students…to an assortment of informative films and entertaining musical performances.

The full program of more than 50 free events is available online at www.uvic.ca/ideafest. The schedule scales to all mobile devices.

Here’s a small sampling of events from the IdeaFest 2014 menu:

  • Panel discussion: Removing the Digital Mask: Understanding and responding to youth cyber-aggression, March 4, 1:30-4:30 p.m., Bob Wright Centre B150. Is cyber-aggression always “bullying”? Are there things about communicating online that make it easier to be aggressive or bully others? How do young people use and respond to cyber-aggression?
    Media contacts: Tricia Roche (Centre for Youth and Society) at 250-472-4706 or troche@uvic.ca or Anne Marshall (director, CFYS) at 250-721-7852 or amarshal@uvic.ca
  • Aboriginal Art Tour, March 5, 10:30-11:30 a.m., starts at MacLaurin Bldg. in front of David Lam Auditorium
    Campus tour of Aboriginal artwork led by Butch Dick, master carver from the Songhees First Nation and Carmen Rodriguez de France to share perspectives on how UVic faculty have worked in partnership with Aboriginal communities.
    Media contact: Carmen Rodriguez de France (Indigenous Education) at 250-721-8633 or mdcr@uvic.ca
  • Panel discussion: Privacy in the Cyber World: Your digital footprint! March 5, 7-9 p.m., David Turpin Bldg. A120.
    Digital footprints are created every time we share videos and photos, make posts on Facebook, tweet and search topics on Google. Are Canadians sharing too much? Do Canadians understand privacy of personal information and what should or should not be shared over the internet?
    Media contacts: Dr. Colin Bennett (Political Science) at 250-721-7495 or cjb@uvic.ca or Anne MacLaurin (Communications, Social Sciences) at 250-472-4496 or sosccomm@uvic.ca
  • Lafayette String Quartet Master Class, March 5, 7-9 pm, MacLaurin B016
    What is a master class? Get an inside look at how young musicians hone their craft and learn from master musicians with the university’s very own Lafayette String Quartet.
    Media contact: Pamela Highbau Aloni (Dept. of Music) at 250-721-7915 or phighbau@finearts.uvic.ca
  • Three-minute thesis, March 6, 7-9 p.m.(final round), MacLaurin Bldg., David Lam Auditorium
    An exciting, fast-paced competition that challenges graduate students to describe their research in a clear, engaging and jargon-free presentation in 180 seconds using just one slide. Judges will include Bob McDonald, host of CBC’s Quirks and Quarks, and Dave Obee, editor-in-chief, Times Colonist.
    Media contacts: Dr. David Capson (dean, Graduate Studies) at 250-721-7969 or 250-516-4085 cell, or graddean@uvic.ca or Carolyn Swayze (communications, Graduate Studies) at 250-884-4669 cell or fgscirc@uvic.ca
  • Fit to be Tried: The latest fitness and exercise ideas to maximize your health, March 6, 7-9 p.m., Mackinnon 150
    New fitness strategies will be showcased by faculty and students, who will share their research findings in a rapid fire and interactive series of talks about maximizing your health potential through fitness, sport, recreation, phys ed, exercise science and rehabilitation.
    Media contacts: Dr. Joan Wharf Higgins (Exercise Science, Phys. Ed and Health Education) at 250-721-8377 or jwharfhi@uvic.ca
    Dr. P.J. Naylor (Exercise Science, Phys. Ed and Health Education) at 250-721-7844 or pjnaylor@uvic.ca

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Media contacts

Valerie Shore (UVic Communications+Marketing) at 250-721-7641 or vshore@uvic.ca

Tara Todesco (Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator) at 250-853-3849 or kmcoordinator@uvic.ca

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