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DNA found for Coast Salish woolly dog

December 14, 2023 -

In a first high-resolution DNA study of "Mutton"—the only known woolly dog fleece in the world—an international researcher team from the Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of Natural History and UVic, pinpointed the genes responsible for the unusually long, crimpy undercoat, which was highly spinnable and could be made into warm blanket yarn.

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2022 REACH Awards

February 6, 2023 -

The REACH Awards honour the extraordinary teachers and researchers who lead the way in dynamic learning and make a vital impact at UVic, in the classroom and beyond.

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Ancient diet of the wool dog

October 1, 2020 - The Ring

In a newly published paper in Scientific Reports, Hillis and co-authors St. Claire, Eric Guiry University of Leicester and UVic professors Iain McKechnie and Chris Darimont provide the first specific estimate of ancient dog diets on the BC coast using zooarchaeological data.

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