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New podcast aims to break the stigma of dementia

February 2, 2022 - Media release

“Call to Mind” is a new podcast series from UVic recorded by people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Hosted and led by Debra Sheets, a nursing professor and researcher with the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health, the series features intimate audio diaries and conversations about the rewards and challenges of caregiving, the impacts of isolation and finding joy by living in the present, and staying in love when everything else is changing.

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Welcoming students back, together

August 9, 2021 -

It’s not unusual at UVic to see a stir of activity and excitement around this time of year as students and their families start to arrive on campus for the start of school. This year, as the university prepares to welcome about 22,000 students after more than a year of mostly virtual programming, the scale of our usual September return to campus has increased dramatically.  

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Healthy vision

July 15, 2021 - The Torch

While still a UVic student, Boma Brown (BA ’14) founded the Support Network for Indigenous Women and Women of Colour to promote equity in health care.

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