Emergency notification systems

- UVic Emergency Planning

How will you hear about a regional emergency in Greater Victoria, such as a tsunami? The municipality where you live may have a notification system that you can subscribe to. The UVic Emergency Alerts notification system is only used if an emergency directly affects the UVic campus. Find out more about local, provincial and national notification systems with these FAQs.

How do I sign up for a system that will alert me of a tsunami or earthquake warning, or other emergency?

Some, but not all, municipalities have their own notification systems. Visit their websites, such as those below, for more information and to sign up:

Where else can I find information about an emergency?

Check your municipal website or social medial channels, such as those below, for local information:

If there is a tsunami warning do I need to evacuate the UVic campus?

No. UVic is not in a tsunami hazard zone. There is no need to leave the UVic campus if you hear a tsunami warning for the Victoria region. If an evacuation of the campus was necessary for any reason, the UVic Emergency Alerts system would be used to notify the campus community.

I live off campus in a tsunami hazard zone. Where should I go if there is a tsunami?

Follow the directions of emergency personnel and check the website or social media of your local municipality to see if reception centres have been set up.

How do I find out more about how to be prepared?