Expert On New Report On Hacking Group In China

The following University of Victoria researcher is available to discuss the new report released this week by US cyber security firm Mandiant alleging a link between a Chinese military unit and a hacking group in China:

Christopher Parsons (Dept. of Political Science) is a PhD candidate at UVic and conducts research on digital surveillance methods. He has read the report and can comment on technical aspects as well as political threats. Another aspect of his academic work considers how network security systems are partially driven by national security reasons, and he has also observed how cyber surveillance can be clouded in secrecy. Specifically, his research at UVic explores the convergence between digital surveillance technology and the privacy regimes of Canada, the US and the European Union. (Parsons is available all day today and can be reached on his cell at 778-977-5653, on desk phone at 250-721-7782 or by email at or


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