Celebrating Earth Day 2021

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A view from Ucluelet, north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Credit: Karl Hare

On April 22, UVic joins the global community in celebrating Earth Day. This year’s theme, “restore our earth” invites the world to pursue conservation efforts to fight the effects of climate change on our environment.

UVic is committed to promoting sustainable futures and is actively addressing the global crisis of climate change. We’re proud to highlight the efforts of our students, faculty and staff as they demonstrate leadership in environmental, social and institutional sustainability.

Get involved

Share your vision for climate and sustainability action and help shape the goals of our Climate and Sustainability Action Plan.

Take individual steps towards a sustainable lifestyle with our Top 20 Campus Sustainability Actions.

Listen and learn

Living Lands and Indigenous Climate Solutions: Responsibilities beyond Territorial Acknowledgements. Listen to a recording of local Indigenous knowledge holders Cheryl Bryce, ŚW̱,XELOSELWET Tiffany Joseph, Marylin Olsen-Page and Kekinusuqs, Judith Sayers discussing Indigenous approaches to climate solutions, sustainability and well-being.

Scales of Change is a climate action miniseries exploring the questions of climate inaction, featuring UVic environmental psychologist, Robert Gifford, and produced by Future Ecologies with support from the University of Victoria. The series has also been named a Webby Awards Honoree. 

Scales of Change: A field guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction

Leadership and innovation

Citizen scientists in Metchosin are helping UVic entomologist, Neville Winchester, verify whether flying insect biomass is declining in the region. Collaborating with citizen scientists increases science literacy and provides researchers with much larger data sets. 

PhD candidate Dennis Gupa’s research focuses on Indigenous sea rituals, climate change and sustainable ecology. He is currently artist-in-residence with Ocean Networks Canada.

scientists in very large tree
Neville Winchester (green jacket) filming for Wild Canadian Weather for The Nature of Things with David Suzuki in the canopy of an ancient Western Red Cedar in the Walbran Valley, Vancouver Island. Credit: James Frystak/CBC/ River Road Films Ltd

The Climate Finance Project expands the potential of the finance and investment sector to support the transition to a climate-friendly, low-carbon economy. The project is a collaboration between the Gustavson School of Business and the British Columbia Investment Management corporation and is funded by UVic’s Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

Clouds have been stabilizing the climate over the entirety of Earth’s history. Research done by UVic Earth and Ocean Sciences Associate Professor Colin Goldblatt, former undergraduate student Victoria McDonald, and collaborator Kelly McCusker of the Rhodium Group, was recently featured in Nature Geoscience, highlighting an important piece of how climate has evolved on our planet.


Every year on April 22, EarthDay.org marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. 


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