Adam Sherk

Minimum alcohol price could save lives

When governments create a minimum price for alcoholic drinks, alcohol-related deaths and hospital visits fall sharply, according to a Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research study.

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Begüm Eryılmaz

Student support in a time of uncertainty

In this spring’s whirlwind of COVID-19 responses, the Student Services team at Continuing Studies went to extraordinary lengths to make sure more than 300 international students remained informed and well-supported.

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Sarah Hunt

Q & A on Indigenous political ecology

Sarah Hunt/Tłaliłila’ogwa—Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Political Ecology—discusses her research, her return home, and what it’s like to be a role model for Indigenous students.

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Julio Navarro

Cosmologist named 'research giant'

Cosmologist Julio Navarro has been recognized as a Citation Laureate for his revolutionary work in galaxy formation and evolution, cosmic structure and dark matter halos.

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Jamie Cassels

A glance back as Cassels presidency winds down

Cassels will end his term as president in November, when incoming president Kevin Hall takes the helm. It’s a time of reflection for Cassels, who has taught and worked at UVic for almost 40 years in roles ranging from law professor to Vice President Academic and Provost, and on up to president.

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Betty Kennedy

Endowed chair in mathematical biology

Over the course of her life, mathematician Betty Kennedy contributed to the University of Victoria and the community in so many ways that to a non-mathematician they may seem countless. It is fitting with so much of the generosity that characterized her life that in her passing in 2019, Kennedy bestowed UVic with a $3.6-million gift.

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CIHR helps advance health research

Federal government invests $2 million in UVic expertise.

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New national exhibition opens Sept. 26

Landscapes of Injustice, launched six years ago and led by UVic, unveils a new exhibition Sept. 26 sharing the truth and untold stories about dispossession of Japanese Canadians in the 1940s.

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