Moving Trans History Forward 2016

Moving Trans History Forward 2016

Andrea Jenkins, Erica Fields, Ali Blyth, Mo Bradley

Kevin Allen, Carter Thurmond, Demetrios Psihopaidas & Sonja Pei-Fen Dale

Dallas Denny, Cindy Holmes, Stefan de Villiers, Cherese Reemaul, Velvet Steele, Abby Hipolito

Moving Trans History Forward

Join community activists, academic, artists, and allies from around the globe for the second Moving Trans History Forward conference held on the beautiful University of Victoria campus.

Building Communities - Sharing Connections

Share your voice and your history. Learn from others. Grow together. Make history!

Keynote speakers


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Feature film


  • Two 4 One is a bittersweet comedic drama that sees a transgender hero in an unanticipated predicament
  • Friday evening, March 18, 2016

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Chair in Transgender Studies & The Transgender Archives at UVic

4 days ago

How should researchers interact with Trans, non-binary, and Two-spirit communities. See what one researcher had to say.

Reflections on equity issues in iKT | ...
KT Encounters blog: Dr. Cindy Holmes shares her experiences working on an iKT research project with a community that experiences social exclusion and discrimination.
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Moving Trans History Forward 2016

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