Neuroscience faculty

All incoming applicants are responsible for finding a neuroscience faculty member willing to supervise them in their graduate studies.

  • Examine the different faculty interests.
  • Contact faculty directly by email to enquire about pursuing graduate studies under their supervision. Include a copy of your CV or resume.
Name Department Research area
Dr. Craig Brown Division of Medical Sciences Stroke and diabetes; synaptic plasticity; in vivo imaging
Dr. Hector Caruncho Division of Medical Sciences Molecular biology and pharmacology of GABAA receptors; animal models of neuromotor disorders; neurobiology of schizophrenia and depression, including the development of biomarkers and discovery of novel drug targets in mood and psychotic disorders.
Dr. Brian Christie Division of Medical Sciences Learning and memory; synaptic plasticity; neurogenesis
Dr. Patrick Nahirney Division of Medical Sciences Synapse ultrastructure; 3-D modeling; Fragile X syndrome
Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne Division of Medical Sciences Neurite and dendritic spine formation; ion channel trafficking; super-resolution microscopy; biochemistry and cell biology
Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk Division of Medical Sciences Neurobiology of depression, the psychiatric complications of epilepsy, and the effect of chronic stress on the brain and behavior
Dr. Gautam Awatramani Biology Synaptic physiology, multi-photon imaging, retina, optogenetics
Dr. Bob Chow Biology Retinal development
Dr. Kerry Delaney Biology Neurotransmission; synapse function; Rett's syndrome
Dr. Raad Nashmi Biology Nicotinic receptors; neurotransmission
Dr. John Taylor Biology Comparative genomics; opsins and olfactory receptors
Dr. Sandra Hundza Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education Exercise science and physical health education; neural control of human movement
 Dr. Olav Krigolson Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education  Neural basis of decision making and reinforcement learning in humans using EEG, fMRI and computational modeling
Dr. Paul Zehr Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education Spinal reflexes and rehabilitation