Tremblay Lab members contribute to the August 2022 special issue of TIPS

Multiple members of the Tremblay Lab (Division of Medical Sciences) contributed to the August 2022 special issue of Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (TIPS).

As the global health and economic burden of central nervous system (CNS) diseases continues to rise, the August 2022 special issue of TIPS calls attention to both existing and emerging pharmacological targets and therapies for CNS diseases like glioblastoma and neurodegenerative disorders.

For the cover of this special issue, the TIPS editorial team selected an illustration conceptualized and designed by PhD student Eva Šimončičová and MSc student Elisa Gonçalves de Andrade. Their illustration features microglia, the resident immune cells of the CNS, and its pharmacological targets.

This cover reflects one of the issue’s featured articles, titled “Present and future of microglial pharmacology” written by Eva and Elisa, alongside postdoctoral fellows Dr. Haley A. Vecchiarelli and Dr. Ifeoluwa O. Awogbindin, former lab member Dr. Charlotte I. Delage, and Dr. Marie-Ève Tremblay. Their review highlights the diversity within the microglial cell population and underscores the tremendous potential this diversity could offer for selective targeting in CNS therapeutic initiatives.

Finally, the editor-in-chief of TIPS invited Dr. Tremblay to contribute to the special issue’s TrendsTalk feature. Here, Dr. Tremblay and a panel of fellow experts reflect on the present opportunities in neuroimmunology, as well as the obstacles that researchers need to overcome to “get the ball rolling.”