DMSC delegates discuss science funding with Deputy Critic for Innovation, Science and Industry

Dr. Brian Christie and Dr. Andrew Boyce (University of Calgary; former PhD student, Swayne Lab, Division of Medical Sciences) recently met with Julie Poupart, scientific communicator for the Canadian Association of Neuroscience, and MP Richard Cannings, the Deputy Critic for Innovation, Science and Industry to discuss funding for Canadian sciences.

“I focused my comments to both support the request for additional funding, and to point out that if the government wants to avoid significant attrition in the health and science sector they need to increase trainee funding opportunities to attract and retain the brightest minds for research in Canada. We pointed out this was necessary not only for academia, but to help science-based industry in Canada flourish,” says Dr. Christie. “I think giving insights like this was useful for [MP Cannings].”

The conversation also focused on the importance of re-investing in tricouncil for the Canadian research community.

“[MP Cannings] is a scientist and he understood the importance of funding basic research,” says Poupart. “This meeting was very encouraging, and I can see Cannings being a ‘science champion’ for us.

Clockwise from top left: Julie Poupart, Dr. Andrew Boyce, MP Richard Cannings, and Dr. Brian Christie