Award details

Luke Fair

Department: Visual Arts

Faculty supervisor: Prof. Robert Youds


"Canadian culture is often identified as having a strong connection to the environment in its northern condition. Starting in the early twentieth century, Canadian artists sought to create art that could build Canadian identity apart from European styles and subject matter. Though clearly evident in Canadian culture, the grandeur of environment appears to be more romantic and mythological than true representation. These artworks have created the look and feel of an environmental state thought to be 'natural'. I am interested in how the experience of a 'natural' place can influence ones thoughts and emotions. Experiencing artworks that are influenced by place therefore has insight into the experience of the artist.

I would like to investigate such art forms that have contributed to the Canadian mythology of environment and create art that is inspired by the myths themselves rather than the actual land. My research will involve exploring different visual art, performing art, music and literature inspired by 'Canadian' landscape. Such research will not be limited by political 'Canadian' borders but rather geographical areas in order to explore the tie between place and identity. I will primarily use painting and sculpture to convey my interpretations of the land that the researched artist experienced. The art work created will bypass the traditional way of pictorially representing landscape and enter an abstracted realm using geographical inspired artworks as the source. In addition to the JCURA exhibit, my proposed research will seek to exhibit in local galleries and public locations around Victoria."