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Healing technology

June 30, 2022 - The Torch

The Victoria Hand Project team, led by alumnus Michael Peirone, designs low-cost 3D-printed prosthetics for amputees in need while providing UVic students with valuable skills and training.

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In the Know: Thinking about applying for permanent residence in Canada?

UVic Global Community Newsletter: November 14, 2022. After completing studies in Canada, many international students decide they want to stay here permanently. Fortunately, depending on your individual situation, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada now or in the future, as there are several pathways to immigrate to Canada.

In the Know: International Student Experience - Jimena Bisso

UVic Global Community Newsletter: October 31, 2022. Want to hear about a wonderful international student's lived experience as a UVic student? Be sure to check out this article, where Jimena Bisso details her experiences as an international student ranging from how she fell in love with the city to joining the Global Community. Jimena provides amazing insights on what to expect as an international student and the many different ways you can get involved both on and off campus to enrich your student experience!

In the Know: Drowning in Documents

UVic Global Community Newsletter: September 19, 2022. Have you been keeping your Canadian immigration documents up to date? As a temporary resident in Canada, keeping track of your immigration documents is an essential part of your international student experience. Read our latest article to review some of the documents you already have, consider some of the documents you might need along the way and learn some helpful tips to stay organized.