Undergraduate students

See health from a different point of view with interdisciplinary studies.

Health and well-being have become the most important policy issues of our times. This program provides an undergraduate entry point into the possibilities of a future career in health care, health sciences or health research. A unique feature of the program is its links to several on campus research centers, giving you an opportunity to hear first-hand about emerging health policy and research in fields such as children and youth, aging, Aboriginal health, biomedical research, disability services, and addictions. The Health and Society minor program will be open to all undergraduate students at the University of Victoria.

What career options are available in Health and Society?

  • Community health care advocate or worker
  • Links to careers in social work, health care, health sciences, nursing, law, psychology, education
  • Health journalist
  • Community support worker
  • Nutritionist
  • Clinical research assistant
  • Lab technician
  • Medical sales
  • Health & wellbeing/lifestyle consultant