Health and Society (minor)

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About the program

Learn about the effect health has on how people interact with their society.

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Study aging, childhood, addicition, disabilities and much more with our affiliated research centres.

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Health and Society (minor)

Declarations in the Minor in Health and Society are currently not possible; this program is on hold. 

Declared students requiring approvals or information about the HS Minor should contact the Associate Dean Academic of the Faculty in which they have declared their major.  

Do you care about a healthy society? Using an interdisciplinary lens, this new program allows students to pursue specialty interests in health-related areas.

These areas are strongly represented at UVic through the various research centres, Centre for Aboriginal Health, Centre for Addictions Research BC, Centre on Aging, The Centre for Biomedical Research, Disability/CanAssist, Centre for Early Childhood Research and Policy and the Centre for Youth and Society. The program is designed around these areas of specialization that reflect the expertise of UVic faculty members participating in health-related research centres. The Health and Society minor will provide students with the opportunity to work on projects with internationally renowned researchers in these areas.
Five of the University of Victoria’s ten Faculties (of Social Sciences, Human and Social Development, Education, Humanities, and Science) participate in the program, through course offerings and the involvement of faculty members.