Lingyu Jing


MA, Political Science

I am currently an MA student in Political Science - Culture, Social and Political Thought. I hold an MA in Political Theory from the University of York in the UK and a Bachelor degree from Dalian Maritime University in China. I have been an exchange student at the University of Warsaw in Poland. 

My specialization is critical theory and history of ideas. My research interests are not about the issues of "more or less" but "life and death", including totalitarianism, civil war, revolution, sovereignty, state of emergency and temporality. Currently, I am working on the political thought of Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin, and Carl Schmitt, which are closely related to the crises in the 20th century. As an interdisciplinary student, I am also interested in continental philosophy, philosophy of history, political theology and apocalypse.

Personally, I am a traveler, having been visited over 40 countries and regions. I am particularly interested in visiting conflict territories such as Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, Kosovo, and Transnistria.